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The rescue tool Resqtec that you will find on our website represents a wide and high-quality part of the offer of protection and rescue equipment. The rescue tool, which includes Resqtec lifting cushions, various protection and rescue aids, manual and hydraulic equipment and stabilization elements, is part of the mandatory equipment of each prot...

  • Battery tool
    Battery tool
  • Hydraulic Rescue Tools
    Hydraulic Rescue Tools

    Hydraulic rescue tools Resqtec are used in severe accidents when a large force is required to e.g. opening doors, cutting vehicles or other objects involved in accidents. Hydraulic tools are facing ever new vehicle technologies and ever better vehicle safety systems, so it is crucial that the tool is of a newer quality. The manufacturer Resqtec is one of the leaders in testing the design of new and improvements of old hydraulic tools for technical rescue.

    Necessary for any major intervention
    Continuous development and new manufacturing technology are reflected in more complex technical solutions when rapid intervention is required. Resqtec offers all the necessary hydraulic tools for intervention in every situation, and you can see a wide range of products on our website "".

    Innovative technology
    All hydraulic elements of the tool are intended for cutting sheet metal and other materials, especially scissors or blades for technical intervention. Resqtec blades are characterized by innovative technology, as they are small and light, easy to use, but extremely strong. The blades are made of light metal and are extremely solid. The blades are designed for long-term use. The blades are used to cut doors and door frames, posts and sills, rims and steering wheels. They are also suitable for cutting pipes, fittings, cables, profiles and panels.

    Blades are also available in which the control or management handle is separated from the tool, which facilitates rescue in hard-to-reach narrow spaces or where the presence of a rescuer means a higher risk.

    Cylinders — a key part of any intervention
    You can also find cylinders from Resqtec in our offer. The cylinder is an essential rescue tool. Cylinders have become an indispensable tool for rescue operations. Based on many years of experience in the production of cylinders, the engineers at Resqtec have found that many limitations of the cylinder are caused not so much by its power, but by its inability to adapt to different and complex situations. Therefore, their cylinders have been designed to be compatible with other equipment such as e.g. Profix Max system.

    Reliability and security are crucial part
    Resqtec is reliable, secure, and easy to use. Thanks to innovative technology, the ratio between weight and maximum cutting force is the most optimal. All tools from the manufacturer Resqtec are, thanks to a long tradition, high quality and represent a key part of every fire and rescue unit.

    In the offer on our website "" you can also see accessories for hydraulic tools, which will upgrade your existing equipment, facilitate their use and extend its life.

  • Lifting Bags SQ
    Lifting Bags SQ
  • Accessories
  • Hand Tool
    Hand Tool
  • Stabilization

    Stabilization tools are used for stabilization in road accidents, earthquakes and fires to stabilize buildings. Stabilization is a key part of any rescue process and is a key part of safety for both casualties and rescuers. It is essential that the stabilization is solid and reliable, made of quality material, robust and durable, and that it is convenient for transport or movement. Resqtec is a leader in the production of stabilizers or support systems.

    Wedges and support blocks - small but extremely important
    Blocks and wedges represent high quality and quality stabilization for buildings and vehicles. Stabilizers or supports from the leading manufacturer of stabilizers Resqtec can be completely extended along their entire length and then additionally tightened with the included control lever. The stabilization tool fits perfectly into any situation. Stabilizers or supports from the manufacturer Resquec are attached in a self-locking manner via an eccentric shaft. Accidental loosening of the stabilizer is impossible as the control lever cannot be removed.

    The properties of Resqtec stabilizers that can be found in our online store "" are low weight, high resistance, stabilizers do not break. All stabilization tools are resistant to oil and chemicals and have a high load capacity threshold. The supports do not absorb liquids and do not slip, due to the special grain system. Resqtec stabilization tools can be interconnected if used on a larger work surface. Namely, the blocks can be joined and stacked with each other, which allows us to connect into larger stabilization structures when necessary.

    Quality stabilization = complete rescue safety
    Cribbing blocks manufactured by Resqtec are also an important part of stabilizing buildings or vehicles. The blocks are used to stabilize the facility or to support the lifting of objects during rescue operations. The unique locking plate system makes it easy to create a variety of stabilization structures. The reversibility of the underlying blocks can create a flat surface that is ideal for lifting.

    All Resqtec stabilization tools are of high quality and high quality, as only a quality stabilization or support system can provide the perfect measure of safety for both the casualties and the rescue team. Stabilization tools can be combined and used as many elements as needed to ensure the appropriate size of the work surface.

    Additional equipment
    As an accessory, we also offer a quality box for the transfer of supports and blocks, which ensures that your support stabilization system will be safely and neatly and transparently stored, but at the same time always at your fingertips

  • Air Cylinders
    Air Cylinders
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