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Firefighting equipment 

We know the importance of the work of firefighters and how many lives and property have already been solved for the timely intervention of firefighters in the event of fires and other natural disasters. Firefighters need fire fighting equipment that is good, useful and durable.

Firefighter's equipment is located in the online store "

  • Fittings

    Firefighting fittings are an auxiliary but important element in fire fighting and water supply, which with their purpose enable and facilitate firefighting. When choosing a firefighting fittings, we must pay attention to the size of the firefighting fittings and the quality, which we give special importance on the online store ""

    Water divider and collector
    For the supply of water from the pump, firefighters via larger hoses then supply the water to its end use through water dividers (triplets / doubles) with which the supplied water can be distributed to 2, 3 or more consumers, of course, smaller diameter is used. We use water collectors to collect water from several delivery hoses into one.

    Hydrant attachment
    Firefighting fittings for the deliver water from the hydration network, when the abstraction of water from underground hydrates are called hydration attachments, only a good quality hydration attachment can do its job. Again we have more types to use than DN 50, DN 80 and DN 100, also different sizes 52-C, 75-B or 110-A are available, the option is one or two outlets, with a tap and with a water meter or without. The options are endless.

    Suction basket
    Suction baskets are used to draw water from lakes, rivers or the sea through pump and suction hoses. With respect to the intake manifolds, fire extinguishers are divided into with non-return or return valve, and floating suction hoppers have become increasingly popular lately. Floating suction baskets do not depend on the depth of water at suction, as they float at the top, and can also be used in floods, as they suck water from the basement to a depth of several milimeters.

    Channel cleaner
    Many utility companies include duct cleaners as part of their firefighting fittings. Their purpose is to clean the pipes with pressurized water, which is fed through the pump. We have two types of 25-D and 52-C duct cleaners available. Both are equipped with two cleaning heads for the purpose of punching water in the front or pushing the channel cleaner with return water power.

    Firefighting fittings also include a spanner, pressure limiter, coupling supports, brackets and fixtures for firefighting fittings, a hose bridge and various valves. And only on the "" online store.

  • Pumps

    Firefighters use fire pumps in their mission to put out fires. Fire pumps are divided into portable and stable pumps that are installed in fire trucks. Portable pumps are then divided into fire and sludge pumps, floating pumps, submersible and hand pumps such as buckets and backpacks.

    Portable fire and sludge petrol stations
    Portable fire and sludge pumps powered by an internal combustion engine are most commonly used to supply water during firefighting or floods. Only suitable and quality fire pumps can do their job as proudly as firefighters proudly carry out their mission. Portable pumps pump water from water reservoirs, rivers, lakes and the sea, which are then delivered to the desired location via fire hoses. In the event that we have to supply water over long distances, fire pumps can be placed in a chain, thus creating an unlimited supply option in length.

    Floods can surprise us at any moment and it is very important to have floating or submersible pumps, which you can buy at the online store "". Floating fire pumps, by their very name, mean that they float on the surface of the water and can pump water up to a few millimeters from the basement or flooded areas. Due to their shape, submersible pumps can also be placed in shafts or drains during floods and water can be pumped to the ground. The complete flood solution, which you can buy on the "" online store.

    Hand-held fire pumps
    The fire bucket has been in use by firefighters from the very beginning and is still used. Quality fire buckets in the online store "" can be used for firefighting or firefighting youth competitions. Backpacks for wather have also been used since time immemorial. In forest fires, it is sometimes impossible to supply water to the fire site with motor pumps. In this case, backpacks are used, which firefighters carry on their backs and can bring water to the scene of the fire. The backpacks of the manufacturers Tipsa and Ermak are of very high quality, and in their backpack program they offer the possibility of carrying water from 16 to 25 liters.

    All quality fire pumps that we offer on the online store "" allow you to quickly solve problems in floods and fires.

  • Fire extinguishers
    Fire extinguishers

    How to extinguish a fire?
    Fire extinguishers are the most basic extinguishing agent for extinguishing all types of fires. The use of fire extinguishers is simple and very effective in extinguishing the initial fires of the following fire groups:

    - A, hard materials (wood, paper, coal, ...)
    - B, combustible liquids (diesel, petrol, ...)
    - C, combustible gases (butane, propane, natural gas, ...)
    - D, combustible metals (magnesium, ...)
    - F, oils and fats
    - E, electricity (the fire group was abolished)

    Powder Fire Extinguishers.
    Dust appliances are the most versatile powder ABC fire extinguishers used for extinguishing fires of hard materials, combustible liquids, flammable gases, oils and fats, and electricity. For combustible metals are used special powder D fire extinguishers. According to the amount of fire extinguishers in e-shop, you can buy fire extinguishers from 1 to 150 kg.

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers.
    Quality extinguishing in indoors with zero causation of additional damage or dirt can be carried out with fire extinguishers on carbon dioxide (CO2). They are very suitable for extinguishing flammable liquids and electricity. External use is not recommended.

    Water/Foam Fire Extinguishers.
    Water and Foam Fire extinguishers are increasingly popular, as their usefulness is increasing, and in addition to quality extinguishing, they do not cause additional damage to combustible materials. Fire extinguishers are very suitable for fire fighting in kitchens where ignition of oils or fats often happens. The working range of 0°C can be changed to -30°C with additives and can also be used in cold weather conditions up to -30°C. We offer also fire extinguishing sprays.

    Fire blankets and automatic fire extinguishers.
    In our e-shop FireRescue.ei you can also find fire blankets for extinguishing initial fires and cars. Covering a combustible substance burns the fire in one swing. In addition, we also offer automatic fire extinguishers, such as bonpet ampoules, grenades and the like.

    Additional equipment.
    In addition to fire extinguishers in e-shop, you can also choose among all the accessories: labels and marking plates, brackets and stands for fire extinguishers, headgear and more.

  • Fire hoses
    Fire hoses

    Fire hoses have been used by firefighters for firefighting since the very beginning of organized firefighting until today and will be indispensable in the future. In addition, fire hoses can be used in industry, construction, agriculture and, of course, for firefighting competitions. In general, we divide them into two types, namely pressure and suction pipes, and you can buy all this in the online store "".

    Pressure fire hoses
    There are more and more fires and it is more and more important how fast we get water to the place of the fire, so that we can put out the fire as quickly as possible. To transport or transport water to the place of fire, firefighters use pressure fire hoses, which are divided into high and low pressure hoses. The low pressure pipes used for extinguishing were once only white in color, but now we can get pipes of all colors such as yellow, red, green, orange and also in a highly visible color. High pressure hoses, on the other hand, are used to extend hoses from high pressure fans in vehicles. These pipes usually have a 38-H Storz coupling for coupling and the couplings are made of brass as they can withstand pressures up to 40 bar, while the maximum working pressure of aluminum couplings for pressure pipes is 16 bar. In industry, construction and agriculture, pipes with a working pressure of 10 bar are used, which are much more affordable.

    Suction fire hoses
    Sometimes, when there was no such extensive hydrant network, and when our grandparents carried water home in buckets, they were used to supply water from streams, rivers, lakes, and the sea to a suction fire hose pump. The peculiarity of these pipes is that they cannot shrink, the shape is always the same regardless of the fact that the pump for sucking water from a natural source or pool, works on the principle of creating a vacuum.

    All fire hoses, both pressure and suction, have one thing in common, and that is that they are all of the same diameter, namely 25-D, 38-H, 52-C, 75-B and 110-A. And in the online store "" we offer you all types of pressure and suction pipes by diameter, length and color. Don’t miss out and make sure you visit us.

  • Firefighting gloves
    Firefighting gloves

    Only suitable firefighting gloves manufactured in accordance with EN 659: 2003 + A1: 2008 can provide adequate protection for firefighters; EN 1149-5: 2008, in addition firefighting gloves, which can be purchased at the "" online shop, also correspond to the Firefighting Association of Slovenia.

    What is the appropriate glove
    Appropriate fire fighting gloves should provide fire and heat protection. Additionally, high-quality gloves also come with a gore-tex or crosstech waterproof membrane. So gloves are made of several layers of different materials, namely outer layers such as nomex, leather and pbi, water resistant membrane and lower layers or palms, which are usually coated with carbon-silicone coating. The gloves are fitted with an extra layer of Kevlar against the puncture and cutting. So the quality gloves found on the "" online store provide the highest possible firefighters safety. Each glove has extra protection for the knuckles, and the gloves are available in a short knit cuff or long nomex version. All gloves are fitted with a carabiner or ring for easier wearing on the suit.

    Elk leather
    Particularly noteworthy are firefighter gloves made of elk leather, which surprise us with softness, while providing excellent protection against fire and temperature, they are waterproof and, as an attraction, wet leather when dry remains soft. The feeling of wearing and touching is amazing, a real choice for any firefighter.

    Seiz quality
    The manufacturer of safety gloves SEIZ is synonymous for the quality of fire fighting gloves and, in addition to the fire fighting program, also offers technical rescue gloves, work gloves and special purpose gloves. Seiz, as one of the leading manufacturers of glove protection, offers only the highest quality, all gloves tested and exposed to the most exacting standards. We also offer fireproof gloves from Semtex, Austria, which, in addition to gloves, also produces firefighter protective clothing.

    As an accessory in the "" online store, we provide a variety of holders for all types of gloves and temperature gauges (thermometers) that are mounted on the glove and inform the firefighters directly about the temperature.

    Feeling safe
    The gloves you'll see on the online store give you a sense of security in the harshest conditions, the gloves trusted by thousands of firefighters around the world. Buying these gloves will not disappoint you.

  • Firefighters bags and holsters
    Firefighters bags and...

    Elite bags and tee-uu firefighting bags, bags and cases. Firefighting bags, purses and cases are intended for the transfer of firefighting equipment, competition equipment, training and interventions, and various other firefighting equipment. They are reflected in quality, durability, ease and practicality.

    Transport firefighting bags
    The ATTACK firefighter transport bag is specially designed to carry personal protective equipment or firefighting equipment, as well as personal items for the firefighter. Made of high-strength materials that ensure durability of the bag in extreme conditions. In addition, the firefighter bag comes with built-in rings that allow us to ventilate sweaty personal clothing and boots. On the front is a large pocket for gloves and personal effects, and on the top is a transparent window for the name and address of the unit.

    In the online store you can buy also many other different transport bags for firefighters and equipment, not only the manufacturer of Elite Bags but also Tee-uu, which offers a great GEARBAG firefighter bag that can be packed with loads of equipment. Castors for easier transportation and optional accessories on the side. Firefighter bags are indispensable equipment for attending training, assisting with firefighting and rescuing at other fire&rescue units.

    Tool cases and holsters
    In the online store you will find a large selection of various bags and cases for accessories. The firefighting bags are designed to be worn on the waist or on leg and are used to carry the small equipment needed for interventions such as wedges, cords, pens, chalk, scissors, ... of course we also provide holsters for mobile phone and radios, mask bags, ropes and tube packages. Once you become the owner of such a bag, you want more, and the utility of firefighters bags is invaluable.

    Of course, firefighters cannot do their best without the proper equipment to manage the intervention. DOKU and BIG organizers are easy to get in red or black, there are a lot of small drawers for various purposes, a shoulder strap for carrying and a handle, a portrait or landscape layout, and a transparent map pocket are just one of the features of firefighters. In addition, unique firefighters' bags from used fire hoses.

    Firefighters bags, tool cases and cases and firefighters are just part of the online store, and you can also buy a key bag and the like.

  • Firefigters boots
    Firefigters boots

    Fire boots used by firefighters for day-to-day interventions, where they are extinguished and dealt with in extremely challenging conditions, are one of the key pieces of protective equipment for successful and safe work. Only high-quality firefighter boots can provide firefighters with safety, fire protection, temperature, harsh parts and any other hazardous items that permeate firefighters during hazardous work, but must at the same time ensure comfortable wearing.

    And at the online store "" we provide boots that meet all the needs of firefighters.

    Quality and safe footwear
    For firefighting it is very important that firefighters feel safe in their footwear, FAL Seguridad boots are therefore fitted with a protective composite cap against impact or falling objects on the fingers, and with a High Strength polyester insert that prevents the sole from penetration with sharp parts. For firefighting and other rescue operations, firefighters are exposed to rain and water, for this reason the boots are equipped with a water-resistant gore-tex membrane, or a sock which is installed in the boot to prevent water from entering.

    Comfort and ease of wearing are important
    Comfort and lightness are also important, Fal Seguridad fire boots are extremely lightweight boots, while providing superior safety and comfort, extra foam under the outer layer of leather is added, an extra layer of ankle of boots and injected foam in non-slip and oil resistant The soles provide softness and safety wear. Fal Seguridad boots are the top offer for foot protection.

    Custom firefighter boots
    Of course, the boots have different users, one designed for extinguishing such as the Flame model, one more for technical rescue than the Torch model, which is slightly shorter than the previous model, and the third for Forest fires. The special chain protection model is called the Flame C and Torch C. Fire, Fire GTX, Dragon and Magma fire boots with the same composition as the aforementioned boots, but a little cheaper, are available for everyday work.

    However, in order to get closer to the demanding customer and the user who needs a fire boot that offers excellent protection as a person, you can also find different types of closing systems, such as retractable boots, lace and zipper boots and boots with a unique BOA strap system. The BOA system has a lifetime warranty. They are fitted with two loops on the top for pulling and a notch on the sole for easier removal.

    In addition, we also provide accessories for boots, such as socks, summer and winter socks, laces and zippers, inserts and a BOA system with a lifetime warranty on the "" online store, and  work and uniform shoes.

    You can find all this and more in the "" online store, check it out and visit it.

  • Compressors

    High-pressure compressors are indirectly one of the components of respiratory protection that can be housed in fire brigades or smaller in vehicles. Nardi Compressori is one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure compressors for the needs of firefighters and divers, for medical and paintball purposes.

    Portable high pressure compressors
    Portable high-pressure compressors are used to fill pressure cylinders in the field. They can be equipped with one or two outlets and a pressure of 220 bar or 330 bar. Portable compressors are lighter and smaller than stationary compressors, but very suitable when away from home and for example diving in lakes or seas in the vicinity of the compressor and the weight of the compressor is approximately 42 kg, which means that it can be combined according to EU standards carry two people. Portable high-pressure compressors are available with a flow rate of 60 l / min to 160 l / min in electrical or gasoline versions.

    Stable compressors
    Larger compressors do not have a transfer option because of their weight and are designed to fill cylinders in workshops. The compressors have a flow rate from 160 l / min to 680 l / min. They have the ability to fill up to four pressure vessels at a time. The special design of the Nardi Compressori stable high-pressure compressors are Silent, almost inaudible.

    Air quality
    With Nardi Compressori, air quality is of paramount importance. For this reason, they have developed a special control system that constantly monitors the purity of the air through the cleaning filters, depending on the air being sucked into the compressor, humidity and temperatures in the filling room. The special computer program informs us of all the parameters and the time when it is necessary to replace the filter that allows us quality air.

    Offered at the online store, we also have high-pressure compressors that make a mixture of air and nitrox for the needs of divers who want to dive to greater depths.

    The complete range of high-pressure compressors is complemented by accessories such as an air bank, which allows us to fill the pressure vessels immediately, then there are also ramps with remote control over the operation of the compressors, shutdown at final max. pressure, automatic condensate drainage, distribution units, ...

    You can only buy all this from the online store »

  • Clothings
  • Cabinets
  • Equipment for wildfires
    Equipment for wildfires
  • Tools
  • Ventilators
  • Radios

    Radios for firefighters, rescue workers, police, security guards and workers are one of the important factors in carrying out their mission. Only high-quality radio stations can enable the successful and fast execution of tasks, which you can buy in the online store "".

    Which radio do I need
    There are several manufacturers of radio on the market, namely Motorola, Tait, Vertex Standard, Icom, Hytera, Kenwood, Entel and many more. Which radio station to choose is crucial. We have to choose the one that suits us according to the purpose of use and quality, and whether we need a portable radios that is installed in the vehicle or in a special room. Of course, we also have to choose the frequency range in which we will use the radios, so we choose between VHF, UHF and PMR.

    The VHF area is used for the professional use of firefighters and rescuers, while the police use the UHF or the so-called TETRA system. In the private sector, however, PMR stations are used, which have a slightly smaller reach but are therefore much more affordable.

    Digital radios
    Analog radios are slowly replacing digital radios. Digital ones are of better quality, they have up to 1000 channels and more zones. In the future, the replacement of analog radios with digital radios will be mandatory, because the entire system is converted to digital, we currently have an analog / digital system.

    One of the higher quality manufacturers of radios is Motorola. Although they are slightly more expensive than other manufacturers, they have not yet left the buyer or user dissatisfied. The purchase was still paying off and buyers are happy to come back when they buy again.

    Additional equipment
    There are a lot of accessories for all types of radioa, as well as options to choose from. We have NiCa or Li-ion batteries that do not have rechargeable memory, the batteries can be obtained in power from 1000 mAh up to 3000 mAh. Then there are conversations or some call them microphones, car or desktop chargers, single or multi-radios, up to 12 radios, desktop microphones, antennas, buckles and finally software and programming accessories.

    And you can buy all this in the online store "". Visit us and see for yourself.



  • Nozzles

    Firefighters use a variety of fire nozzles, of course, the fire extinguishers vary by purpose, and portable monitors are used to extinguish larger fires.

    Multipurpose branch pipes
    The multipurpose branch pipes that are used are called standard ones, but nowadays, there are fewer and fewer of them among firefighters, but they are an indispensable equipment for outdoor hydration cabinets. We have 2 types, one with no handle, which is only used for fire fighting competitions and with a handle that can be used to create a starte or fog jet.

    Turbo nozzles
    The development of turbo nozzles has flared up lately. There are more manufacturers and more and more innovation. One of the highest quality turbo nozzles manufacturers is Tipsa, Spain. With the help of firefighters who have fought the fire numerous times, they have produced turbo nozzles that are of high quality, have low resistance on pressure, adjustable in flow and jet type, and have an additional FLUSH function, which is used in extinguishing internal fires. They produce both Viper high pressure nozzles and Blue Devil low pressure nozzles, which feature long range. All nozzles can be supplied with different couplings namely NST / NH Female, NPSH / IPT Female, BSP Female, Storz, Barcelona UNE 23400, DSP / Guillemin, UNI, NOR, GOST and Machito.

    VIPER Turbo Nozzles are designed with over 20 years of experience in developing fire nozzles. Terms such as the new patented RYLSTATIC® fog system help TIPSA meet the new challenges in the fire industry. All handles are 100% tested in the laboratory to ensure quality and durability. All this makes it possible to guarantee TIPSA turbo nozzles for a period of 5 years against any manufacturing defect. The right turbo nozzle can change everything!

    Portable Monitors
    Portable monitors are also used for major fires, such as production or agricultural plants, warehouses, recycling center where we need a lot of water at one time. These have a higher flow rate from  800 to over 4,000 liter per minute. Only high-quality and reliable Tipsa portable monitors can guarantee a successful fire extinguishing.

    Various foam attachments are always in stock for turbo nozzles and portable monitors. The foam gives us a greater extinguishing effect as the damping effect increases. All this and more of course can be obtained from the "" online store.

  • Reflectors
  • Storz couplings
    Storz couplings

    Fire and industrial couplings ar made of aluminium, brass or stainless steel. The storz coupling group consists of several types of couplings: delivery couplings, suction couplings, stable couplings, blind couplings and reduce couplings.

    Firefighting storz couplings
    For daily firefighting and rescue, firefighters use fire hoses fitted with storz couplings. Storz couplings are available in various sizes from 25-D, 32, 38-H, 45, 52-C, 65, 75-B, 90, 100, 110-A, 125, 150, 165 and 250. Of course couplings storz used by firefighters are stronger than ordinary couplings, their working pressure is 16 bar, while in industry, couplings with a working pressure of 10 bar are used. However, high pressure brass couplings with a working pressure of 40 bar or stainless steel couplings that are even stronger are used. And of course, you can buy all these storz couplings in the online store.

    Industrial storz couplings
    As mentioned, the Storz couplings for industry use have a lower operating pressure (10 bar) but are of no lesser quality, since in most cases the hydration network and water pumps do not exceed a pressure of 5 or 8 bar. So industrial storz couplings used in industry, agriculture, food industry and so on can be less costly, since they are significantly cheaper than firefighting storz couplings. In cases where the couplings are used in the food industry, where cleanliness is very important, the use of stainless steel couplings is mandatory.

    Delivery couplings, suction couplings, stable couplings, blind couplings and reduce couplings, firefighting or industrial, are available in many options, all of which are listed on the "" online store, all you have to do is choose a coupling that it suits your needs and is of sufficient quality for us to make you shop.

    Don't hesitate, visit the "" online store and choose the right storz coupling.

  • Torches
  • Training
  • Ropes
  • Respiratory Protection
    Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory protection is one of the most important protections in work, in the field and in particularly demanding firefighting areas in hazardous areas. Therefore, respiratory protection is a priority in any work. You can get it at the online store »

    SCBA - Self contained breathing apparatus
    Firefighters use their Self contained breathing apparatus for their courageous work and work in extremely hazardous areas. The right and quality respiratory protection is vital for firefighters. Of course, there are several manufacturers on the market, but only respiratory devices that meet EN standards can be used for respiratory protection. The components of the Self contained breathing apparatus are frames, low and high pressure parts, warning gauge, lung machine and cylinder.

    Pressure vessels or cylinders, as some have called them, you can get on the Web Store, and they are purchased from two world-renowned manufacturers, Safer and Luxfer, both of high quality and adaptable to any purpose and use. Originally cylinders were made of steel, but now carbon fiber cylinders are used in most cases. The life of a cylinders may also be unlimited, but they must be periodically tested.

    Protective masks
    The basic respiratory protection is definitely a protective mask. We know more masks than simple particulate masks, masks with valve, half face masks and even full face masks. Each mask has the purpose of protecting the respiratory system at a certain level and endangering the wearer. In the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, half or even full face masks are used to protect the respiratory system. The less dangerous part are the particulate masks with or without the valve.

    Mask cases
    Of course, proper storage of respiratory protective equipment is very important. Only properly stored and maintained respiratory protection can give us real protection. In the sales program of the online store "" we offer small personal bags for particulate and half face masks and full face masks from TEE-UU. The RESPI bags in various designs are padded and offer protection against damage and shock, while protecting the mask from possible contamination. They also have facilities for smaller personal equipment and a shoulder strap.

    All of these and many more can be purchased from the online store, order and see the quality of the products.

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