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Good rescue equipment

Our online store offers a wide range of equipment for firefighters, rescuers, medical personnel, paramedics and others who are facing dangerous situations in case of traffic accidents, natural incidents, fires, floods, earthquakes ... The rescue equipment includes gadgets that will come in all these situations.

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  • Traffic Equipment
    Traffic Equipment

    Road equipment includes all important elements for securing the scene of an accident such as road cones and strips, fences and safety ropes. Signal lights and well-visible safety tapes are also an important part of road equipment. Also an important part of the road equipment are the TEE-UU work equipment transfer bags and the Elite Bags first aid transfer bags.

    Road equipment is an important part of accident site protection, collision protection for other vehicles and accident area restrictions. Signal lights are an important part of road equipment, as they ensure that the protected area is clearly visible even at night or in bad weather. A wide range of quality, convenient and durable road equipment allows you to choose from a variety of elements that you need according to your needs and the situations in which you operate. The most important feature of road equipment is durability and easy transport, as it is equipment that is mostly used in bad weather conditions. Easy and convenient transport of road equipment is essential to ensure the quality and satisfaction of road equipment users.

    Road equipment also includes Elite Bags and TEE-UU bags with elements of first aid or with elements of additional equipment necessary to secure the scene of an accident and which is an integral part of any rescue or firefighting equipment. Both Elite Bags and TEE-UU are the leading providers in the market for bags for carrying work equipment, first aid and accessories needed for traffic interventions. Cones, fence guards, signal lights and safety tapes require reliable yet convenient transport, which is ensured by TEE-UU work equipment carrying bags. TEE-UU bags that are extremely durable and compact, protected against wear and intended for use in all weather conditions.

    Convenient bags for carrying road equipment are reinforced and robust, high quality and extremely convenient. The company TEE-UU to a long tradition is one of the leading manufacturers of bags for the transfer of road equipment. First aid bags are also an integral part of road equipment, as they are extremely important in emergency response. Elite Bags are high quality and practical, they offer enough space for all important elements of first aid as well as for accessories according to the wishes of each user.

    All the listed road equipment, which includes cones, protective fences, protective tapes and ropes, signal lights, as well as quality bags for transporting road equipment from Elite Bags and TEE-UU, can be found on our website "".

  • Disaster control
    Disaster control
  • Electrical Equipment
    Electrical Equipment

    Quality electrical equipment is one of the most important things both at home and at work. In our online store "" we offer you quality generators and all the necessary accessories for the use of perfectly functioning and highly efficient generators. On our website "" you will also find a large selection of quality extensions, grounding cables and protective switches that meet all equipment protection standards.

    Generators-quality and durable
    Generators are extremely important in protection and rescue. It is essential that they are high quality, durable and easy to use, as they are often used in quite stressful situations in accidents, as they provide the necessary energy for other devices used in disaster relief. All of our generators are waterproof, dust-resistant and extremely powerful, making them an indispensable piece of equipment that provides electricity where it is needed.

    Extension cords - an essential piece of equipment
    You can choose from a number of efficient electrical extension cords and connectors, splitters, ground cables, and other quality equipment needed for the smooth operation of each generator. Extension cords are crucial in the use of any electrical equipment, but it is very important that they are high quality and durable to allow easy and fast, convenient use. In the offer on our website "" you will find various extensions, which are intended for both home and professional use in rescue. All electrical extensions are distinguished by high quality and long service life, convenient use in protection and rescue and an excellent ratio between quality and price.

    Safety is ensured by safety switches
    We must be as careful as possible when using any electrical equipment. Protective switches are extremely important for protection against accidents when handling generators, as they detect voltage disturbances, exclude overvoltage, enable control of protective conductors and, in general, enable safe handling of any generator. In our offer on "" you will find a large selection of protection switches that are designed for use in combination with highly efficient generators. Safety switches are an indispensable part in the use of any electrical device, and above all they are extremely important when handling generators, as they represent a high level of protection and significantly reduce the possibility of accidents.

    Wide range of grounding cables
    When using electric generators, grounding cables are also a big part of safety, and they must be reliable and convenient. We have different lengths of grounding cables available, and all of them work great for safe handling of electrical devices such as a generator. Grounding cables are robust and, above all, durable, and represent a high level of protection during the use of generators and extension cords.

    All the above high quality equipment can be found on our website "".

  • Compressors
  • Ladders
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Flood protection
    Flood protection
  • Radios

    Motorola radios are most commonly used by firefighters, police, mountain rescuers, ski coaches, lifeguards and cavers. Motorola radios are high quality, reliable and resistant to water, dust and dirt, they work great in all difficult working environments. Communication systems work great in both cold and rainy weather, have a long service life, are reliable, practical and easy to use.

    Excellent offer and guaranteed product quality
    We have further expanded the wide range of portable and stationary Motorola radio systems on our website "" to make it possible to find the right communication element for each user according to their needs, requirements and field of work.

    Motorola is a world leader in the development and production of communication devices that provide secure, fast and easy communication for firefighters, police officers, wardens, ambulances, doctors and the military. Exceptional quality, ease of use, wide range of operation, the possibility of additional settings and the purchase of accessories puts their products at the very top of sales of all radio devices and accessories. Quality products and a wide range of accessories are always available to you.

    Wide selection of accessories
    Accessories for communication systems are available in our online store "". A wide selection of quality accessories that are compatible with almost all types of communication stations allows you to upgrade your Motorola portable or stationary radio station and additionally equip it with various accessories, cases, radio transfer cases, additional headphones, radio transfer accessories in the car, on a bicycle, on a protective jacket, on a belt, etc. On our website "" you will also find spare parts for communication systems, such as spare batteries and antennas, which allows you to significantly extend the life of your Motorola portable or stationary radio station.

    Motorola's wide range of accessories for portable or stationary communication systems allows you to simplify the use of your station or protect your radio to extend its life. Convenience and easy and fast use of radio stations is very important especially in stressful rescue situations and in difficult working conditions. Accessories for communication devices enable faster access to the radio station, safe and easy transport of the radio station, convenient storage and protection of the radio station.

  • Rescue stretchers
    Rescue stretchers
  • Rescue Tool
    Rescue Tool

    The rescue tool Resqtec that you will find on our website represents a wide and high-quality part of the offer of protection and rescue equipment. The rescue tool, which includes Resqtec lifting cushions, various protection and rescue aids, manual and hydraulic equipment and stabilization elements, is part of the mandatory equipment of each protection and rescue unit.

    Resqtec lifting cushions
    Resqtec lifting cushions are crucial in any rescue operation when a heavier load such as a car, truck and even an airplane needs to be lifted. Lifting cushions are a mandatory part of every fire rescue unit and represent a key factor in rescuing casualties from heavy loads. Quality, durable and easy to use, in our offer you will find suitable cushions for every fire station. Lifting cushions are available in different sizes with different capacities, which allows you to choose the right lifting cushion for the needs of your unit.

    Accessories-an important piece of equipment
    Rescue aids comprise various elements. All our range of accessories is extremely high quality and carefully selected to offer the best possible rescue assistance in stressful situations. Part of each rescue unit are also rescue aids, which represent an important part of the equipment and make our work significantly easier in every situation.

    Hand rescue tool
    Manual elements of equipment are used in breaking car windows, breaking into buildings and in other similar situations when quick access to the victim is necessary. It allows us to intervene, and its quality allows for a long service life and convenient use of the tool. All rescue tools in our offer are extremely durable and robust, dust and water resistant and easy to use.

    Hydraulic tools - essential in all difficult interventions
    Hydraulic tools often represent the boundary between life and death. In car accidents, a hydraulic rescue tool is simply indispensable, as it enables quick and safe rescue of trapped injured people. Resqtec has a long tradition in the manufacture of hydraulic systems and represents high quality in the field of rescue and protection.

    Stabilization systems
    Stabilization is a key part of safety in all earthquakes and fire accidents where the risk of entering buildings is high. Stabilization aids are also a mandatory part of rescue equipment in the event of an accident. The manufacturer Resqtec provides quality and convenient products, and thanks to the constant development and testing of equipment, their stabilization systems represent state-of-the-art stabilization technology in rescue.

  • Height and depth rescue
    Height and depth rescue

    Rescue from Heights and Depths
    The technical rescue from the heights and depths, are most required in terms of technical knowledge require and they required that the climbing equipment is of the highest quality. In our sales program, we offer climbing equipment from FALL SAFE and PETZL, both companies being at the forefront in the production of climbing equipment for rescuing from heights and depths, as well as in training lifeguards.

    Mountain rescuers, cavemen and also firefighters in their rescue operations, where quality and useful climbing equipment is crucial, attach great importance to the reliability and usefulness of the equipment: climbing belts, ropes, helmets, protective clothing, carabiners, descenders, pulleys, anchor plates, pivots, rollglis, tripods and other equipment.

    Climbing belts
    Only a high quality climbing belt makes it possible to work safely at high. Climbing equipment without proper belts is not safe to use. The Fall Safe Spider Combo is a specially designed harness for access and rescue and covers all working conditions in fall protection, working position and restraint. It adapts perfectly with increased comfort for the most intense work at height in any hanging direction.

    Dynamic and static ropes of various diameters and lengths are also an integral part of climbing equipment. In the online store you will find everything you need, both dynamic and static ropes as well as reep ropes and loops of various lengths. The ropes can be purchased for a certain length or in a 100 m reel. In addition to ropes, we also offer rope bags that make it easy for us to carry ropes and all other climbing equipment and ropes protect for sharp parts.

    Climbing accessories
    Climbing equipment would not be perfect if you did not have climbing add. Carabiners, wedges, descenders, pulleys, anchor plates, pivots are accessories in which, at this time, quality and rapid rescue from depths and heights cannot be imagined. In addition to the ropes, they are crucial for safe rescue.

    Also, the range includes all other equipment for safe work at heights (guards, jackets with built-in work belt, ...), as well as mountaineering or sport climbing.

    Our FireRescue-eu online store offers a wide selection of climbing equipment for mountain rescuers, cavemen, firefighters, alpinists, and for ever-increasing sport climbing.

  • Water Rescue
    Water Rescue
  • Animal rescue
    Animal rescue
  • Rescue Gloves
    Rescue Gloves

    Gloves are designed for rescue in road accidents, technical accidents, for rescuing from heights and depths. Rescue gloves can also be used for rope technique. Gore-tex and Crosstech membranes protect rescuers from infection with blood, body fluids and bacteria. They are very durable and offer excellent grip.

  • Reflectors
  • Torches
  • Thermal Cameras
    Thermal Cameras
  • Bags & Cases
    Bags & Cases
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