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First aid 

In the case of traffic accidents and other accidents where they are injured and suddenly ill, it is necessary as soon as possible or immediately to start providing first aid. First aid is therefore the first, quick and proper action in the event of injuries and accidents.

First aid is needed to keep the injured in lives in order to prevent the de...

  • Immobilisation

    Immobilisation is one of the measures of rescuers, doctors, first responders, paramedics and, ultimately, firefighters in the care of casualties in accidents, both in traffic and all other accidents, especially at various falls.

    In order to ensure proper immobilisation, quality equipment is also of great importance, which we offer at the online store. Only by proper approach, the right equipment and knowledge we can perform the immobilisation of the injured person well.

    Immobilisation of the head
    One of the key immobilisation of a person for a future healthy and quality life is immobilisation of the head or neck. That is why we use the cervical collar, which is placed on the neck and partially on the head. This action prevents movement of the head and possible fatal injuries. The cervical collar are different for adults and for children, they are also adjustable by height, because people are different and we have different size of heads and necks.

    The immobilisation of the head of a person already on the stretcher (scoop stretchers or rescue board) is carried out with head immobiliser (Spencer, Ferno and The head immobiliser set is consist of a ribbon lining, 2 side edges with a hole in the center for controlling the ears and two straps for fastening over the forehead and chin. Proper immobilisation of the head is crucial in the care of the injured people.

    Vacuum struts
    Evacuations, outbreaks and other injuries to the endoscope can be provided with high-quality care when transported to a hospital with vacuum struts. Vacuum struts are different in terms of length, either by arm, leg or entire body in case of pelvic or hip injury. Also, hard arm or leg supports are also available.

    Additional immobilisation on the stretcher is carried out with strips or strip system of the so-called spayder.

    Immobilisation jackets
    In case of injuries in traffic accidents, where the immobilisation of the spine is essential before the removal of the victim from the vehicle, special KET jackets are used. The jackets are equipped with straps in different color, which enables us to increase the transparency and tightness of the belts, since the strips must not be tightened at the crossroads. It is necessary to use a cervical collar or a special cushion for the head. At the legs are strips in black, with which both legs are attached to the jacket and later when the injured car from the vehicle on the stretcher is released.

    All this and more can be obtained only at the online store where we offer quality equipment from world renowned immobiliser manufacturers at affordable prices.

  • Strechers
  • Footwear
  • Emergency protective clothing
    Emergency protective...
  • Burns treatment
    Burns treatment

    Burns treatment is very important in everyday life. To the risks of burning we are exposed every day throughout our lives, so it is important that we have everything for the care of burns. A kitchen where there is 1000 and one threat of burns, a car when there is an extremely high temperature of motor and exhaust, a bathroom where the water reaches 90°C and the beach, when the sun is stronger every day and many other hazards to which we are exposed every day; can be burned, so burns treatment is of vital importance.

    Burn dressing
    and quality burns treatment
    One of the most serious injuries are burns, very painful, and in the case of wrong care, they can also cause scarring, therefore, quality burns treatment is very important. In the event of severe burns, burns dressings are the best solution. The dressings are in different sizes from 10 x 10 cm to the rugs blanket 100 x 200 cm for the entire body or just for the face. The place burns dressings on the place of burns are beneficial, and in addition to cooling, they also provide moisture, as they are soaked with a cooling gel, which we immediately feel when placing them in a place where we burn. Feeling relieved after putting it into the burn place is incredible. Complete relief.

    Burn sprays
    The supply of minor burns is more simple. We can use a burn spray that is applied to the site of burns. Burning sprays are very suitable for burns due to excessive exposure to the sun or for minor burns in everyday work. The price of a burn spray of 50 ml is extremely low.

    Quick burns treatment at work or in private life, provides us with an appropriate amount of burn dressings and sprays, so we have prepared various kits for you to make it easier to decide what you need. Do not hesitate when there are burns and you do not have the appropriate equipment for the care of burns is too late, ensure that before the accident, you get the right equipment that you can order on

  • Reanimation

    There are many different causes for a person to stop breathing, then there is a need for reanimation or resuscitation. It is very important that we know the basic procedures of basic reanimation not only by professionals but also by everyone else, who at some point find ourselves in need of help, so quick and proper reanimation or resuscitation is crucial for the survival of persons who cannot independently breathe.

    The reanimation process
    Reanimation is a very broad concept that requires not only knowledge and skills but, in some cases, quality equipment. In basic reanimation procedures, it is highly recommended to use face masks, which can be placed on the mouth and nose and blow in, but can be connected to a breathing balloon with which we breathe air. A tube can be connected to the mask, which is connected to a pressure cylinder with medical oxygen, of course under a certain pressure, which is adjusted by a pressure reducing valve.

    Very interesting is the pendant with a protective CPR mask, which we put on the face and the air is blown through the filter. By doing so, we protect ourselves and the person we help with infections.

    Reanimation plate
    One of the important factors during the revival process is the correct position of the head, the tongue should not fall into our throats, so we can use reanimation plate, which not only help us to position the correct position of the head, but also gives us a solid base for heart massage.

    A semi-automatic or automatic defibrillator, which is increasingly available in public places and is immediately at hand, is very helpful. AED allows us to work safely as it guides us throughout the process with voice guidance. The two pads are placed on the right side of the chest and on the left side under the heart so that the electric shock travels through the heart. If the reanimation was successful, we put the person in the position of unconscious and monitor him. For outdoor installation, we offer special cabinets, also heated for low-temperature weather.

    The "" online store offers all of the above, plus many accessories such as ampoule bags or ampoulariums, containers for contaminated goods, various bags, oxygen bags, pharynx tubes, laryngoscopes and suction pumps.

  • Medical supplies
    Medical supplies

    We all get hurt sometimes, and we need medical supplies to treat minor and major injuries first. Sanitary material includes: bandages, gauze, triangular scarves, astro foil, scissors, buckles, tourniquet dressings and many other sanitary material, which can also be purchased at the »« online store.

    First responders, paramedics and doctors, as well as lay users at home and in the workplace, often treat minor injuries by ourselves, most often using bandages, including compression bandages, but of course all bandages must be sterile. Occasionally, we also need triangular scarves to secure the arm, which in turn reduces pain because the arm does not move.

    We also offer special Swat Tourniquet bandages on the »« online store. These are used to stop severe bleeding, on the neck as well, as a compression bandage or as an esmarch bandage in the abduction of a limb. As an esmarch we also offer CAT - Combat Application Tourniquet with stick bar, which has the same results in abrasions as Swat bandages.

    Astro foil
    In large cases, we are also subjected to high or low temperatures in the event of damage. Astro foil is used for this purpose, which is silver on one side and gold on the other. So one side reflects the sunlight and cools the body and the other side absorbs the sunlight and warms the body. The low cost and indispensable equipment of every first aid kit, both for home or work, as well as for rescue and sports.

    Home and work kits
    At the »« online store, we offer a lot of different bags, backpacks and cases – holsters for different purposes in providing first aid and further care of the injured. For this purpose, we have made various sets of medical supplies, which, in addition to dressing, include scissors, astro foils, burn dressings and sprays, as well as some immobilisation and resuscitation equipment. In addition to everyday life, we need different first-aid kits that are prescribed by law and can be supplied in different suitcases or as kits for replacement for expired medical supplies.

    We offer all this and much more in the online store "", but of course you can also buy various cases and bags for medical supplies, clips, cooling gels, containers for contaminated waste and many more.

  • First aid bags and backpacks
    First aid bags and...

    Elite Bags bags and holsters and backpacks, first-aiders, first-responders, paramedics, nurses and doctors, for diabetics, sports therapy, home care and clinical analysis, resuscitation bags and many other types of bags are available in the online store » «.

    Bags and Holsters for First Responders and Rescuers
    All first-responders and rescuers need bags and handbags and backpacks in which the equipment is transparent, depending on the type of intervention. Rescuers, in critical cases, do not have the time to search for the required equipment in a bag where everything is together, the key to lifesaving is that the equipment is immediately accessible when they need it to save lives in daily life. For fast response and acts,  are the most popular models Light, Critical, Extreme and EMS BSL, as well as the Paramedic Backpack, which can hold a lot of equipment, resuscitation, immobilization, burn care and many medical supplies.

    Elite bags offer a wide range of home and sports care bags. Review bags made of lightweight and durable materials are perfect for nurses. Especially for the female gender, they are also made in pink, like the Community Home Care model. All models have transparent drawers with a drawer for stationery (paper, pens, recipes, ...) and other drawers for all necessary equipment.

    Medical bags
    Bags for doctors, surgeons are mostly made of leather, usability, durability and quality are their best features. They are made in a classic format, such as the Deluxe Classy model, or in a modern format, such as the Deluxe Doctor model and the like. Medical bags are available in black and brown.

    In the program we have also bags for medical staff and patients, there are other bags for various purposes, e.g. diabetic bags, cooling bags for sample transfer, and smaller carrying cases, which can be wearing in the waist, arm or leg. Suitable for athletes or lifeguards.

    New products are constantly being added to the »« online store, the latest innovation being Tarpaulin material that make bag water resistant and more durable to external influences and damage. Please follow us and choose the most appropriate bag for your use, from the "" online store with the largest range of first aid bags, first-responders, paramedics, rescuers, nurses and doctors.

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